Grease Trap

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Used to collect and separate grease and vegetable and animal fat contained in waste water before it is led to sewage or treatment plant.

Grease trap is an equipment made of C35/45 XF4 reinforced concrete with a protective polyurethane coating to secure perfect and trouble-free maintenance, to increase concrete resistance against chemicals created during decomposition of organic waste, and to safeguard zero concrete absorption. Waste water enters the grease trap via pipeline. This is where the grease is separated on surface using gravity.

Grease cools down in the trap due to the retaining volume. During temperature decrease (cool-down), grease hardens and floats to surface. Treated water is drained to sewage via stainless steel barrier equipment followed by plastic pipeline.
Grease trap content is regularly removed every 14 days, at least once per month. An inlet water flow diverter safeguards easy maintenance of the inlet pipeline. The diverter is made of high-quality steel and can be lifted of the tank wall using a simple lock, thus enabling an easy access to the inlet pipeline.

It is used as a pre-cleaning unit, installed on a separate sewage with inlet of water contaminated with grease and food leftovers. It provides a reliable protection for sewage line against grease contamination and plugging.

Achieved treated water quality: max. 25 mg/l of extractable substances in treated water.


  • Easy handling
  • Cost-effective design
  • Collection of vegetable and animal fat contained in waste water
  • Optional manufacture of non-typical traps, plastic

Areas of use

Such equipment is used mostly in meat and food processing facilities such as:

  • large canteens
  • restaurants
  • cafeterias
  • stalls with grilled, baked and fried food
  • oil pressing shops

Product range of Grease Separators LT Alfa B can be find in catalogue on the page 12