Oil-water separator (OWS) is an equipment made of C35/45 XF4 reinforced concrete with a protective 3-layer polyurethane coating.
Used to collect and separate grease and vegetable and animal fat contained in waste water before it is led to sewage or treatment plant.
Designed to pump waste water, rainwater and everywhere where gravitational glow is not possible.

About Us

V-ALFATEC is a BG-Graspointer Group Company and was founded in 2007.

The business is producing and selling the oil, grease separators, retention and accumulation tanks, shafts and pump stations
which are the major contribution to environmental protection. The company is established also in the foreign markets. We export to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia  through our sister and business partners of BG concern. Total export for 2017 is almost 24 % of the annual turnover.


The products can find use everywhere, where consists pollution of surface wastewater and it needs to be removed or cleaned.
The main goals of the company is to provide new technologies, to develop in the wastewater treatment, to process and to provide advices about these products. Our biggest advantage is the variability of technical solutions. We guarantee longtime keeping declarated output values and lowcost operation.


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