Pumping Stations

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Designed to pump waste water, rainwater and everywhere where gravitational glow is not possible.

Standards and Regulations

The equipment meets:
STN EN 12050-1: Lifting plants for waste water containing faecal matter,
STN EN 12050-2: Lifting plants for faecal-free waste water,


Designed to pump waste water, rainwater and everywhere where gravitational glow is not possible.

Construction Material

  • reinforced concrete tank or PE-HD tank without concrete encasement;
  • internal equipment from stainless steel or composite material;
  • alloy shaft lids, D 400kN Class, or as required.


Pumping station (PS) is put on a horizontal foundation concrete and on sand bed using a crane. Safeguard against uplift of underground water to be designed by a structural engineer as per assembly conditions. PS shall be anchored to the foundation slab using anchoring screws. Anchored part of PS shall be encased into concrete to min. 300mm height from the foundation slab in its entire floor plan. In case the underground water is higher than the concrete encasement and there is a threat of tank uplift, PS must be loaded with concrete bottom from inside the PS, or ceiling slab thickness shall be increased, as per requirements and calculations of the structural engineer. The tank shall be backfilled with material of 0-20 mm grading. Compaction shall be done gradually by layers.

PS Equipment

PS can be equipped with technology as per customer’s requirement. A working platform, railing, a screen rack and other accessories can be installed into the pumping station. The control unit with switchboard can be upgraded with a GSM transmission unit to send a text with each pump failure.

Warranty Period

Warranty Period is 24 months or 60 months, as per investor’s requirement, save the technology part where the manufacturer provides a different warranty period.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery term is max. 6 weeks. The equipment shall be delivered including or excluding accessories as per customer’s requirements.
The Client shall secure the following at its own costs: excavation work, foundation gravel bed, foundation concrete, sand bed, crane, anchoring, and other structural amendments.

Dimensions and diameters of Pump Stations are in the cataloque on the page 16 - 19